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COVERAGE> More World Time Attack from OZ!

Lamborghini Gallardo

Day two of free practice for the World Time Attack Challenge saw a host of various cars come out to tempt their fate at Sydney Australia’s Eastern Creek Raceway. Competition begins tomorrow… are all the challengers ready for the heat of timed competition?

Most of the cars on the track were the competitors for the WTAC, but since it was technically an open practice drive day, several non-competing cars were also out on the track. Let’s take a look at some of the cars on the circuit from today!

Of all the cars that ran Eastern Creek today, I think none looked better than these two Lamborghinis.

Tome Cusco WRX

Another day of practice before the actual competition rounds begin tomorrow – which means that most of the pro teams performed at least some laps. This being said, Tarzan Yamada was very busy driving!

Sun Auto Cyber Evo

After piloting the Tomei/Cusco Subaru Impreza WRX widebody, Tarzan would literally jump straight into the Sun Auto Cyber Evo for more testing laps.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Walking around the pits, I spotted this R32 Skyline GTR. To the keen eye it became apparent that this is one of the original Gibson Motorsport Skylines that dominated Australian Touring Car racing in the early 1990s. In fact, the Gibson team dominated so much that the category was changed to disallow cars such as this -which gave birth to what is now known as the V8Supercar Series.

Mark Berry Hi Octane Racing Advan R34 GT-R

Fast forward twenty years or so and we have a modern example of the ultimate Australian built GT-R – Mark Berry‘s amazing Hi Octane Racing/Advan R34 GT-R.

Sierra Sierra EVO

The pit garage of the Sierra Sierra team is impressive. Lined with expensive red Snap-on tool chests, it shows that the S2 team means business!

R-Magic RX-7

The R-Magic FD3S RX-7 looked impressive whether it was standing still or flying around the circuit.

Panspeed Mazda RX-7

The “other” RX-7, from Pan Speed, seemed to spend as much time on the track as the R-Magic car. As to which was faster? We will have to wait until tomorrow when we have some proper lap times to post. Most of the laps from today’s sessions were cut short or in traffic.

Sun Auto Cyber EVO

The Sun Auto Cyber Evo also saw quite a lot of track time and its three stage canard system was put to good use on the high speed sections of Eastern Creek.

Queensland JZA80 Supra

This Queensland based JZA80 Supra had a unique aero package. It’s racing in the Clubsprint class, which is for more street based cars.

D&S RX-7

Several Australian based RX7s also hit the track today! This FD hails from Adelaide and is part of the Rama Racing team.

Gearbox swap

It wasn’t all plain sailing with the 999 Automotive team forced to swap the gearbox on their DC5 Integra/RSX.

Time attack cars

These are two of the fastest Time Attack cars in the world. The pits look great with weapons like these entering and exiting constantly.

Panspeed RX-7

When the extreme looking Panspeed RX-7 makes any move at all, everyone notices.

GTAuto RX-7

GT Auto is a Queensland based work shop and their demo car is this clean looking FD RX-7. The driver is experienced circuit racer, and tarmac rally driver, Steve Glenney.

Js Racing DC5 Honda Integra

Today saw many freshly built cars hit the track for the first time, among them was Sam Stratten‘s J’s Racing DC5 Integra. This car was the cover car of Auto Salon Magazine‘s final issue, so it is a well known car, even though it had not hit the track until earlier today.

HiOctaneRacing Advan R34 GT-R

This is possibly the best known Australian time attack car… the Hi Octane Racing R34 looked great from behind…

Hi Octane Racing Advan R34 GT-R

…and totally menacing from the front. The car was running well until heat issues caused the team some drama. Let’s hope they are easily repaired!

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Nur spec

A near standard Nur-spec R34 looks quite mild when compared with the Hi Octane Racing Advan car.

R-Magic RX-7

Looking down pit lane, just seeing the R-Magic RX-7 drive toward you sends shivers down your spine!

R-magic RX-7

It also looks equally intimidating on the track!

Sierra Sierra Evo

The Sierra Sierra team was very happy with their testing progress…


Oh, hey, did somebody order an RB26 engine?


Several Radicals were lapping throughout the day. Amazing little cars.

Evo chequered flag

Here’s a Mitsubishi Evo taking the chequered flag. There was no real racing today; the flag was just used to signify the end of the session. Perhaps this may be a sign of what awaits us tomorrow? Will it be the Cyber Evo which laps the creek in the shortest time? Or will Sierra Sierra continue their dominance?

Or will it be someone else? Anyone care to place some bets?

:: Mark Pakula

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  1. NICE Mark!!!

    I know I’m not the only one who would LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to see more detailed photos of the R-Magic FD3S, the PanSpeed FD3S, and the Vic Air (Middleton) Lamborghini!!!! They look SO BAD ASSSSSSSS

    And big respect to the person who chose the livery on the #91 Radical. Usually when I see them here in the USA, they are painted bright colors with a huge unfashionable (ricer looking) R splashed across the bodywork. You know which R I’m talking about… the one that was on every single Honda and Eclipse in the 1990s.

    Anyway, the #91 Radical looks GREAT! The Martini Racing-esque graphics make it look similar to an old Can Am racer. VERY COOL!

  2. Justin Shreeve

    Great photos! That shot of the PanSpeed FD in the pit lane really caught my attention. Good stuff…

  3. Have these 2 bigtime RX7’s just not had that perfect run where the stars align and parts hold up and the driver clicks or is rwd simply not the fastest way around a road course for a street car? I’m starting to wonder. What do you guys think?

  4. Scottie Scheetz

    Mark, awesome job! Pictures are amazing!

    I love RX7s, but for some reason, track built EVO’s just look so much more menacing. This would be one of the only ways I would cheat on a rotary.

  5. ProTree

    curious to know if the practice runs were timed and publicly displayed. just want to know if the lamborghinis were lapping quicker than any of the time attack cars. also are there any UK time attack cars present? also, are there any other japanese drivers besides tarzan?

  6. ProTree

    also, one more thing i want to comment on. it seems like there are a whole bunch of quick time attack cars that are MIA.

  7. @ ProTree: I think its Kinoshita driving the Panspeed 7. OR was it the R-Magic 7? Yes, there are other Japanese drivers. haha

    I think the Cyber Evo is gonna upset the Americans and the S2 evo. I can sense a disturbance in the force. LOL

  8. Edward Uche

    Panspeed FD3S, nuff said man. Welcome Mark and much love for exposing fine Rotary content to the masses.

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