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NEWSWORTHY> Floating Cars in Fukushima Japan

Floating Cars flood earthquake 8.8 Tohoku Region Onahama city Iwaki Fuskushima prefecture Japan tsunami

Oh no! I’ve been glued to my computer screen, unable to take my eyes off the Al Jazeera/YouTube live stream that has been playing nonstop coverage of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Northeast Japan yesterday (March 10) at 2:42pm, not to mention the resulting tsunami that has been flooding parts of the Fukushima prefecture and other parts of Northeast Japan.

MotorMavens is not CNN or NBC or ABC or NHK. Why post news coverage such as this, then? Simple, really. I have developed many strong friendships in Japan, and I’m praying for all the people in Japan that are enduring this insane natural disaster… especially my close friends and family!

In case you didn’t read the story I posted on the site a couple days ago, featuring the Team Orange CT9A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9, Fukushima Japan is the home of The Holy Land of Drifting, Ebisu Circuit. It’s also the home of my very close friends from Team Orange. I’ve been trying to call their mobile phones for hours, but I can’t reach any of them. I can only imagine that phone circuits must be jammed, busy, or non-functioning because of the tsunami…

Let’s all pray that everyone is safe.

:: Antonio Alvendia


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16 Responses

  1. Mike kim

    Best wishes to everyone in Japan, hopefully Hawaii isnt hit too hard, I got family there!! Eek

    Cali is under tsunami warning as well!! Stay safe Friends near the sea

  2. Lloyd Javier

    I just saw some pictures from powervehicles.com’s facebook and they had a picture from their ebisu office I think? so it seems that the tsunami didn’t hit that area, only the quake. so I team orange and them should be fine.

  3. adrian sanchez

    All prayers to everyone there too! Ive meet team orange many times coolest guys ever! I hope for the best .

  4. Eric N

    OMG, hope everyone is safe, while we all have a passion for cars, cars can be replaced, but people cannot. Thanks for the news at the top of the hour.

  5. Absolution

    Hawaii’s good. Maui and Big Island seem to have gotten the worst of it, being mostly light flooding. Hope that Japan can bounce back from this one fairly quickly, and that everyone’s okay.

  6. UPDATE!

    I just got an email from Kumakubo. He said that he, his family, and everyone from Team Orange are okay. He did mention that there are BIG problems at Ebisu, but I don’t have details yet.

    All our other friends in Tokyo are reported ok thus far. Kenta Tokyodrive, Robbie and Shinji from Hey Man, Chihiro and the Peak crew, Toshi Hayama, Dai Yoshihara… everyone is checking in ok so far.

    An account of the moment the earthquake hit from Niel Bowerman, of Oxford, who was on a train heading into Tokyo: “The train emergency braked and shook around like crazy. I thought it was going to be thrown off the tracks. The train was on a viaduct and I was also worried that the viaduct was going to collapse. The smell of burning rubber was strong. After 1.5 hours of sitting in the train with many strong aftershocks, we were evacuated. We walked along the track for 20 minutes to the next station. There was visible damage to the viaduct – bolts ripped off and supports out of place.”

  8. Absolution

    According to the PowerVehicles FB, parts of the PV office and garage are sliding off the hill, and some pretty animal damage to the track.

  9. Luke

    Considering Fukushima is no way near the sea i can not see how it would be flooding. Sendai has been hit by the tsunami and it has hit them hard, the rest of the Japan has not really been affected by the tsunami. Bodies are starting to pile up around that area.

    Fukushima has had some massive land slides and stuff like that but there are no floating car what so ever in that area. The areas around Ebisu have had some garages lost down the hills and cracks around the access roads to the tracks.

    Might want to change the title of the post, makes it sound like Ebisu is underwater.

  10. One of the main concerns for the Fukushima areas is the nuclear power plant that had cooling systems fail causing overheating reactors, which could lead to a meltdown exposing radiation to the area. There recently was an explosion on the plant, which did not effect the reactors. However the Japanese officials are currently evacuating areas around the plant and considering giving out iodine pills to reduce the effects of radiation.

    We can only hope they can contain the crisis at the power plant so the people living in Fukushima, including the Ebisu Circuit families, can stay in the area safely to rebuild the beautiful circuit to its prior glory.

  11. Jeff Yip

    Antonio, I somehow knew we could count on you to touch on the catastrophe in Japan and get to the heart of the matter. MotorMavens may be a car culture and photography blog, but we’re also connected because we care about family and friends. And I know we’re all praying for those hit by this triple whammy. (Damaged nuclear power plants pose a crisis and some workers have already suffered full-blown radiation disease.) A friend and former colleague from my L.A. news days posted a link on how to help the Japanese on her Facebook page. It’s http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/11/how-to-help-japan-earthquake-relief_n_834484.html

  12. Skurai

    ive been so down and sad since friday, and i can only start to imagine how hard its been for so many people in Japan. My heart is with them and i hope for the best, i have faith in that they can overcome this, its a very strong & honorable country. hope that they can contain the reactor and get control of the contaminants before chaos.

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