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NEWSWORTHY> Foust and Scion Win Formula D LV!

Congratulations to Tanner Foust for successfully battling the 120 degree heat and every single competitor he faced in tandem competition to win top honors at Formula D Las Vegas this weekend!

When you think about it, this is actually a historic feat – this is the very first time that a Scion has taken home a First Place trophy at Formula D! Whether it’s Tanner’s incredible skill behind the wheel or the 850 million horsepower TRD Nascar V8 engine that powers his Rockstar Scion TC, Tanner and his team have done an incredible job of building, testing and tuning a car that produces results for their sponsors. Props on the win guys!

Make sure to stay tuned to MotorMavens.com for more photos from Formula D Las Vegas!

PS: Scion, Rockstar, Hankook, AEM, and any other sponsors… you know who to contact for the best photos of the event! LOL 😉

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Alan

    Congrats to Tanner,Scion and Hankook. That’s sick! Can’t wait for more photos.
    Dude, 120? That ain’t right! Can’t imagine what it felt like inside the car. haha

  2. M45 Infinite

    yeah!!! Scion DEFINITELY needs to come out with an affordable RWD car!

    Congrats to Tanner and the crew! I guess he can drive anything… 240, 350Z, Scion TC, Subaru STi…

  3. Jose

    WOW! love the photo ……congrats to Tanner and the TC
    can’t wait to see what the next event brings!!!!!!

  4. de rafols

    yahh props for the photos, antonio! it was good to see you, mike, dax, dave and the rest of your motormavens crew out there.

    keep it upp!

  5. Rich

    Siiiicccckkkkk capture!!!! Totally feel it!!! Much props to Scion and more so, props to Motormavens.com for catching the intensity with the shutter!!!

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