VIDEO> VegasDrift 2009 by Rob Strohmeyer

Vegasdrift: A Lifestyle VD15 from Robert Strohmeyer on Vimeo.

This just in, from our Las Vegas family! Check out the newest video from Rob Strohmeyer, which features a whole lot of cars drifting backwards, and a whole lot of Filipino guys talking into the camera when they’re not supposed to, haha. Enjoy!

:: Jose Gonzalez

WEBMINING> Savanna GT/Mazda RX3 Memories

I’m mad, seriously. Christmas weekend it is, but man….I can’t hold back this level of hurt. Friends of mine can vouch for the level of anger I experience when seeing a Mazda RX3. When I let mine go up for sale, I thought it might feel good to let something move on… WRONG. I now fully regret the transaction and wish life had a rewind button like that of a DVD player – call it seller’s remorse.

While I’m watching this video, gritting my teeth and wiping tears from my eyes, you can enjoy viewing this beautiful Mazda Savanna GT as it graces the country side roads of Japan. Take a closer look at the interior shots, and wish upon many stars that I may one day accomplish supreme levels of cool when building my next old school Mazda. Recaro front seats and Burberry-esque cloth covered rear seats. Observe the fresh RS Watanabe wheels which appear to be somewhere in the realm of 14 inches with a healthy tire side wall. Awesome fender mirrors? Check. Front lip with aero? Absolutely. If you own an RX3, please use this footage as a template and do not… I repeat, DO NOT sell your RX3. Unless of course I come knocking at your door inquiring about it. Then and ONLY then is it permissible. **sniff sniff**

: : Edward Uche

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VIDEO> Triumph at the Mooneyes Christmas Party


Even though we don’t cover motorcycles too often on the Motor Mavens site, sometimes we come across bikes that are just so cool looking, we gotta put em on the site! We were walking around at the 2009 Mooneyes Christmas Party at Irwindale Speedway, drenched in rain when we spotted this particular Triumph motorcycle getting rained on.

All our DSLRs were covered up and protected, but luckily we had a Canon S90 on hand, which is definitely one of the top two Canon pocket cameras (the S90 and the G11 are the best in our opinions) out right now. The S90 was able to shoot a quick video in the rain, just so we could show the details of the bike before trying to shelter our camera gear underneath a tent.

This Triumph makes us want to build a bike… so cool.

:: Travis Hodges

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CARSPOTTING> Gingerbread Hot Rod for Christmas

Hey everyone! We got these photos from our good friend Chris “Hechtspeed” Hecht from the My Ride Is Me website. We think it’s a hell of a lot cooler than building a gingerbread man or gingerbread house! Maybe we should do some sort of gingerbread car building competition next year???


Thank you so much for all your loyal support of our website! It’s hard to believe that the MotorMavens website is still less than a year old! We officially launched the site in May of this year, and it’s already ranked pretty damn high because of all your site visits and comments and linkbacks!!! You guys are the best! Thank you so much – we appreciate all your awesome comments! From the entire Motor Mavens Family, best wishes to you and your families during this holiday season!

Oh, and let’s not forget the specs:
-Ford Model A Pickup, genuine Graham Cracker, Bonneville rat rod
-Licorice slicks in the rear, with licorice wide whites skinnies on the front (Notice the mad camber yo)
-Engine is a Buick GN topped with a 6-71 Gummi Blower and angle cut candy cane straight pipes a la rat style
-Green Jello Roof with high mounted candy cane side mirror
-Bright yellow Gumdrop headlights with icing trim
-Classic Mike-N-Ike grille

:: MotorMavens


Last June WSTO revealed their very own Project 1 (v1.2). WSTO specializes in performance wheels and modifications with a heavy emphasis on high-quality products for BMW. That being said, the turbocharged BMW 135i would prove to be an excellent platform to showcase the muscle behind their brand.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Trial Tuning Spirit 20B FD3S RX7

I flew out to L.A. this week to spend Christmas with my family, which gave me the opportunity to meet up with Antonio Alvendia and Edward Uche for the first time.  Of course cars were a topic covered quite a bit as the night went on and RX7 project cars were brought to light…  This of course brought on the discussion of dream builds and this video I am posting now.  I honestly can not give you a solid figure of how many times I have watched this video ever since it was posted on Youtube.  I would guess Edward couldn’t give you a guesstimate either.

What I can tell you is the car was built by Trial Tuning Spirit.  The FD3S has a 3 rotor swap, running ITBs and and a slew of custom parts all done to make it a beast of a track car.  Just listen to the beautiful music it makes – who wouldn’t want this in their garage???

I must say though.  On my wedding day, I want a car much like this waiting for me at the end of the ceremony to take us away.  Hopefully, rotors will be tied behind the car on rope to drag down the street behind us.

:: Scottie Scheetz

PS: Below is the car’s spec sheet, posted in Janglish (gotta keep it legit!) by the original poster of the video. ( (more…)

COVERAGE> Garage Zero in Atlanta

The guys at Georgia-based Garage Zero had an open-house to their newly-acquired facility located just outside Atlanta's perimeter. Aren't familiar with Garage Zero? Well, it is time you get acclimated. These guys are all about old school Japanese car lifestyle and culture. To put it in simpler terms, these guys make "keeping it real" seem passé. Their new facility houses an eclectic mix of classics and wild project-cars.   Read more...

WEBMINING> The Golden Years of DTM

I was just surfing around on Facebook right now and found this Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) video, posted by a guy named Samuel Oune. I had the privilege to attend a DTM race at Nurburgring last summer… but as exciting and fun as it was, it was nothing like this! Just look at the Mercedes Benzes flying through the air!!! A W E S O M E.

Aside from me, who wants a Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 16valve and an E30 M3 now?!

:: Antonio Alvendia