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VIDEO> Arizona’s Tribute To The Unknowns

Trial By Fire – Phoenix International Raceway, Arizona from Dax Rodriguez on Vimeo.

This is a video about unknowns. It stars a race track that is nestled deep in the desert of Tolleson, Arizona; it also stars a collection of individuals who are infamous outside the state of Arizona. However, the track that we know as PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) is on par with most of the premier drifting tracks in the country. It features a high speed entry, technical transitions, and risky moves in every turn.

The group of people that meet at this track are passionate about drifting and the spirit of the sport. The carefree and reckless nature of drifting brings them together, and their track days here are about more than just cars. Days filled with drifting on this Arizona race track hold a special sentiment in the community’s hearts.

NASCAR is a cash cow at this oval, and unfortunately, money rules in this capitalist society. The PIR management team made the decision to shut down the infield indefinitely; and apparently PIR will become a facility mainly focused on circle track racing.

The video you’re currently streaming captures these Arizonans getting risky for one more time at a track that many people will never know the same way that we do.

This video by Dax Rodriguez features our last stand. Enjoy.

:: Pat Reynolds

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10 Responses

  1. Dax Rodriguez

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @P1erre – Two of the cars in the video have received proper shoots before. lol The magenta hatch with the wing was featured on here and the two tone coupe was on the cover of Import Tuner. If you click the link with my name on it and scroll down a bit the hatchback feature is there. 😀

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  3. skullnbones

    wow…this is the first I heard PIR infield is now shut down. what a crime, it was a great track to drive at. F*** NASCAR

  4. Great cars. Great driving. Great choice in music.

    My only gripe is with the editing, specifically the sporadic audio transitions.

    Mountain Missiles supports you’re band of misfits and Alexisonfire. Best of luck finding a new venue.

  5. Dax Rodriguez

    Thanks for the comments guys and I’ll keep all the advice in mind when I make my next video.

    @Em If I did anything right it was putting Alexisonfire in that video. Lol

  6. Hechtspeed

    The US of A needs to build some drift specific tracks like our drifting ancestors in Japan. I seriously think some sweet drift spec tracks should be built to house the guys like the “unknowns” seen here. Just need some dudes with big moneys to build ’em I guess.

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