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VIDEO> DMCC Rd. 3 at ICAR Motorsports Complex

Before we get to the video hinted at in the title, I’ve decided to take a moment to introduce myself and my team for those who may not recognize me.

My name is Dan Cyr, and I’m the guy behind the Cyrious Productions lens and computer screen. I’ve been following drifting in Canada for several years now, riding along with my brother, AE86 driver Pat Cyr and the Drift Posse. We’ve been at drift events from Quebec to Edmonton and in between, as well as a few down south… You can be sure to see us at more of them this year.

I’m not going to go into the meaty details of this event, since the actual Driftmania Canadian Championship event coverage will be taken care of by fellow Ontario MotorMaven Jover Papag, who was an absolute blast to hang out with all weekend, as well as being wicked help on the track.

What I can tell you though is that the event was great, and the whole team had piles of fun. This round was the first ever round of Drift Mania held at ICAR Motorsports Complex at the Mirabel Airport. It was a pretty neat looking track, being extremely flat and paved entirely in concrete.

With it being my first time at the track, I thought I was going to have trouble finding good angles to shoot from and end up running around like crazy to get good shots, but it turned out to be a really easy track to shoot at. This was probably due to the flatness of the track, coupled with the fact that it was surrounded by waist high corrugated steel for walls, which made it easy to catch all the action. I was definitely happy to shoot at this track and can’t wait to go back.

That’s all from me for now! Thanks for watching and reading, and make sure you check out Jover’s coverage which should be up here on MotorMavens soon!

:: Dan Cyr

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  1. Thanks, fellas!
    @Geoff- Yeah dude, the skill level of drifters in Canada is definitely movin’ on up, which is great, because the better that they get then the better my videos get!!
    @Chris- A person’s hoser-ishness is determined by how many flannel jackets they’ve got at their house. We’ve got a total of 3, 2 of which are in pretty bad condish. Therefore, I’d say calling us hosers is actually pretty well justified. Eh? Good call, mister!

  2. Alexandre Boyer

    I’me always at those DMCC show and the competition is gettin really high! More HP for Every racer, more technical tracks, It’s always a great show! Matt Waldin from Formula Drift is always there to. Congrats to Pat Cyr with another first place, a second in a row for him! Bravo to Carl Nadeau to, that’s finaly gets his place on the podium even if the back of his Ls6 powerd BMW have been completly detruct like you can see in this video! The Icar track is a really nice place with a ¼ mile drag track, a go-kart track and a more than 3Km FIA / ASN approved track. All this based on the old International Mirabel Airport! And Dan, Your’s Vid’s are always awsomme men!


    GREAT to see some Canadian footage on the site too! You guys keep adding on to the team, and I love it. Great video, Cyrious! Glad you’ve hooked up with the MotorMavens guys!

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! And yeah, Stanton, I’m pretty stoked about teaming up with MotorMavens as well! Only good things can come of it, so I’m most excited indeed!

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