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VIDEO> 24 Hours of DriftMania

Making this video was absolutely insane, but an awesome experience.  Drift Mania Canadian Championship Round 4 was the only night-time round scheduled for DMCC this year, and it was my first time really doing a night-time event outside of my hometown. (It was also my first time really partying all night outside of my hometown, but that’s probably for a different post.) The most staggering thing about this event was that the entire event took place on one day, with all the practice sessions and qualifying during the day, and competition starting in the evening and going into the night.

In this video, the Drift Posse team is represented by Brad Carlton driving a grey and black 240sx s13 and Pat Cyr in his trusty F20 turbo-powered hachiroku. Some other notable appearances include Matt Waldin in his flame spitting 350z, who once again proved that his motto of stone cold consistency is a proven formula to getting wins. Surprisingly, Fred Girard and the Rockstar Energy 240sx decided to put a happy note on what has otherwise been a pretty tough season by taking the #2 podium spot.

With the event taking place at night, it made perfect sense to have the event (at least the pro side of it) take place all on one day. For a videographer, however, it made for a heck of a lot of work and no time to eat dinner! Fortunately, my new found American friend nicknamed Junior found it in his heart to grab me a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red. This certainly made the whole thing more bearable in the long run, but it definitely felt like quite the long haul.

It also felt pretty tightly scheduled as far as shooting went. Fortunately, the track is one that we had already been to once this year, so I had a pretty good idea of shots that I wanted to get… still, it felt a bit rushed at the time, and when I got home to review the footage, it seemed even more so. There was plenty of good footage, but just not as much as I would expect from a regular drift weekend. I was able to use just about every clip I filmed to form the video you see above!

It’s unfortunate that I was camera-less for the most photographic moment of the weekend… After the event, we went back to the hotel and the partying commenced. For some reason however, it seemed like a good idea to stay up for the entire night. Watching the sun coming up in rural Quebec is a pretty amazing thing to witness, and it was an experience which I doubt I’ll have a chance to repeat in the near future (I regret my lack of foresight to grab a camera and make myself a neat little sunrise time lapse! Dang!).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one, and keep your ear to the ground for my next piece, which you can be sure will be here on MotorMavens first! Also, keep your eyes open for fellow Ontario MotorMaven Jover Papag to get his Round 4 coverage posted up sometime soon!

:: Dan Cyr

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