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VIDEO> Last night in Chicago…

So I was talking to my homie Tim from T2 Films on Facebook, and he linked me to this video from LAST NIGHT. Screw the soundtrack… listen to the pure SOUND of street drifting!

Raw and uncut, this footage of AJ from Risky Devil reminds me of the Japanese underground street drifting footage that my Japanese friends would send me on VHS tapes… this was like 10 years ago…

Respect, Chicago! Now THIS is dope.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Dax we got u just email, the sparks are from his bold ass tires,Ill also be making an edit to all the footy we shot this week. And Beinkin that all we try to do is have dope cars and beat the fuck out of them man. So we better we seein some footy of u on here. Finally Antonio thanks for puttin our fotty up on motormavens this site is goin to kill the game!

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