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VIDEO> Calvin Wan X ThunderDrift/Graphtech/Fatlace

Calvin @ Thunder Drift from iPhilms on Vimeo.

I brought my Falken FD3S RX-7 out to Thunderhill Raceway with the Fatlace / 360 Video / Graphtech crew this past Tuesday, right after I got back from FD Seattle. ThunderDrift set up a full-track drift day, which does not happen too often at Thunderhill, because the tracks get so busy throughout the year.

I love taking advantage of these relaxing drift events to enjoy my cars and to get in extra seat time with some friends. This track has some of the most amazing rhythm sections and variety of corners that makes it super fun to drift on – you can connect turns 2 through 7 as well as many other sections of the track.

My boy Phil Velasco from 360 VideoMagazine brought out some pretty fancy gear to get some of these unique camera angles. Check it out… it’s like the drifting version of a skate video.

::Calvin Wan

Calvin Wan
360 VM
GTstickers | Graphtech Signworks, Daly City CA

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  2. Delia Wise

    I always just called him the ruler lol
    Why is Calvin Wan not in FD this year? Or is he and I am just stupid?

  3. Loved the music! And the venue of course. As a sprint car guy [original drifting] love to see what can be done on dry pavement [ especially thunderhill pavement] by a talented car control expert. Keep drifting at the Hill and consider dirt track sprint car racing without a wing. You’ll love that as much as I love your drifting at Thunderhill!

  4. Hi David!

    Great to see you posting on the site! We’d love to do stuff with you and Thunderhill in the future – the track looks awesome! (I haven’t even been there yet. Sad, I know…)

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