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WEBMINING> Japanese Super Silhouette Racing

Ever wonder how Japanese Bosozoku and Yanki car owners came up with the ideas of how to make their cars look so crazy? Well, according to stories I’ve been told, a lot of these guys began making their street cars resemble the professional Super Silhouette racing cars, and then making them look a whole lot crazier and a whole lot more gangster basically.

Me personally, I love Super Silhouette cars. I wasn’t really aware of these cars in the 80s when they were new, as I was too busy watching cartoons like Robotech (Macross) and playing with Transformers. However, whenever I began going to toy stores that had Japanese car models, I noticed that many Japanese plastic model companies like Fujimi and Tamiya had silhouette racers within their product lines! So awesome. Just another reminder of why I love Japanese car culture so damn much.

So let’s watch the video and enjoy the Super Silhouette racers as they run Tsukuba Circuit and my favorite, Fuji Speedway!!!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. That’s the same story that I was told. Basically some people just wanted their own Group 5 race car but on the street. Why it became popular amongst bosozoku gangs I don’t know.

  2. ThunderDrift

    wow, that’s awesome. I wish I knew where to download full races… I LOVE old racing like that. Touring car championships too…

  3. Super Silhouette is so awesome, I wonder though, how those cars would have faired against the DTM cars of Europe, during that time. I am sure though, that is comparing apples and oranges.

  4. Rich

    I remember seeing models of these too in the old model shop off Nogales street in West Covina (it’s probably a Jolly Bee or some Filipino joint now) when I used to by my parts for my budget Grasshopper off road RC buggy. Love the phat offset and slammed to the ground look! Cool video!!

  5. @MaydayJohnP I don’t think the DTM cars stood a chance against these monsters: the DTM cars back then drove under Group A rules while the Super Silhouette Formula cars drove under Group 5 rules. Think of it as if the Super Silhouette Formula cars were as wide as the DTM cars PLUS the width of the tires, not to mention the difference in weight. 😛
    The FIA banished Group 5 for a reason: too many loopholes and the cars were getting ridiculously fast (equals dangerous in FIA’s mind).

    BTW: I wrote an article about the Tomica Skyline KDR30 Super Silhouette on Bosozokusytle to illustrate why its style got copied into the bosozoku style:

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