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WEBMINING> Subaru BRZ STi GT300 SuperGT Racer

Subaru BRZ GT300 Super GT Race car Tokyo Motor Show FT86 GT86 FRS JGTC

A friend of MotorMavens, Damon Lavrinc over at Autoblog just posted photos of this AMAZING looking Subaru BRZ SuperGT race car, which just made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car will compete in the GT300 class, which means all cars in the class are limited to a power output of 300 horsepower.

Subaru BRZ GT300 Super GT Race car Tokyo Motor Show FT86 GT86 FRS JGTC

WOW! It looks so aggressive from the side. It makes me want to buy a die cast version of the race car even before it has even begun racing in the series! Speaking of die cast, does anyone remember the awesome JGTC edition Muscle Machines die cast cars that were sold in the USA in 2005, thanks to Jay Bryan from JDMEgo?)

The side-exit exhaust and exaggerated flares on the side of the car remind me of the DTM fenderwork that I saw on Audis and Mercedes Benzes at the Nurburgring.

Subaru BRZ GT300 Super GT Race car Tokyo Motor Show FT86 GT86 FRS JGTC

Now THAT is a rear diffuser! It looks nuts! It looks as if it was made into two levels for added air control and downforce.

Subaru BRZ GT300 Super GT Race car Tokyo Motor Show FT86 GT86 FRS JGTC

Check out the detail on the rear fender’s aerodynamics. Exit vents provide a place to channel the air as it passes through the fenderwork, and presumably, the DTM-styled wing at the top of the fender (it reminds me of a TRD wing on an AE86 N2 car, but then again… so does the duckbill on a 1970s Porsche. I have problems. SMH. I’m sure that some Porsche purists would probably take offense to the fact that I would even dare say such a thing.) should provide further air control and downforce.

I can NOT wait to see this thing on the race track!!! OR on a hobby store shelf! I wonder who’s going to make the BRZ GT300 scale cars first? Tomica? Kyosho? M-Tech? Choro-Q?

:: Antonio Alvendia

FRS World
BRZ Post

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  2. Car looks awesome from the side and backend but I’m not digging the front as much, is the BRZ STI engine published yet, I assume they are using the Turbo EJ257?

  3. @Jon Pulli, I’ve heard this car will never have a turbo, not even the STi. The STi was just a concept, no confirmation that Suby will build an STi.

    This GT300 looks amazing. How did the Legacy B4 perform in the GT300 class? Hope this car is successful. Should be a more nimble chassis compared to the Lego, shorter wheelbase, lighter weight.

    I’m really hoping in 20 years the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 has a similar cult following because of its racing cred and street following. Time will tell and it should be a fun ride.

  4. Nick from New Zealand

    It would be cooler than EPIC to rock this as a street car/ daily!!
    Someone send it to NZ I’ll do it!

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