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NEWSWORTHY> Apex’i SC430 Debuts at FD NJ

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Oh snap! Now this is newsworthy! I’ve been hearing about this car for quite some time now, and I’ve been waiting for its debut with eager anticipation! It seems that our favorite Koala-faced ex-D1 Grand Prix series champion Ryuji Miki will be at Wall Speedway in New Jersey, debuting the Lexus SC430 Formula Drift competition car that was recently built for him, thanks to the good folks at Apex’i in Orange County CA!

The masterminds behind this project, Masaki Nakayama and Chuck Griffice from the United States arm of Apex Integration have been gracious enough to keep me updated with the build, but we’ve been keeping all the information under wraps until now!

We’ll be showing you A LOT more detail into the build of this car, as we’re excited about seeing a Lexus SC430 drifting in the Formula D series! (Yo Masaki and Chuck, let me get those stock Lexus seats and stock wheels! Hook a brotha up!)

Stay tuned to MotorMavens, because we definitely have more coming soon!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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19 Responses

  1. JDM Rob

    Ha i drift one of these in forza and everyone pokes fun at me cos they think its ugly, Nice car 2 drift and its something differeny. Antonio know ur into ur hip hop u should check out this producer called apollo brown, hes a genius, PEACE

  2. @JDM Rob: NICE! Apollo Brown huh? Got some download links for me? Me and Ed Uche and Daniel Bridle are definitely hip hop heads! We’d love to hear some new music if you got links for us!

    Oh yeah, and it’s interesting (and refreshing) that so many of our readers seem to be into Forza Motorsport 3 and Gran Turismo. Even though my favorite video game is still the old school arcade game Roadblasters

  3. D1RGE.EXE

    Let’s hope this SC does better than Yoshioka’s short-lived run in one. His was ugly as sin, this is better but we’ll see if he has better luck with it than the FD. It still baffles me that Miki seems to have fallen off a bit after winning D1…too bad he can’t have the Top Secret S15 back hm?

  4. Justin Shreeve

    Glad to know they were about to load it onto the rig. I was wondering about that… Anyway, on the topic of hip hop, you need to get me that JPeriod somehow! I’ve been dyin’ to hear that shit again!

  5. di rang

    great feedback … the car is built for miki, not a hand-me-down. the FD has a lot of history and is still a great car. miki was able to pull 2 podiums out of the fd last season, but the car is a little weathered. sure the new car will take time for all of us to get use to … thx motormavens

  6. @JDM Rob: DAMN!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!! Apollo Brown beats are sick!!! I can’t believe I never heard this before!

    Thank you for schooling us!!! I’m gonna burn it onto a CD so I can rip Edward Uche in a freestyle battle next time we go on a roadtrip… haha

  7. JDM Rob

    No bother antonio, very few people know bout him and i couldnt keep those beats 2 myself, id love 2 hear that freestyle LOl. BTW ill throw u more links 2 beats if ya want

  8. byron h.

    I like the car. I’ve wanted to build an drift SC since before Yoshioka’s was built. Anyways I saw the car at Wall and it sounds AWFUL.

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