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VIDEO> Texas Drifting at Gulf Greyhound Park

A few of Texas’ notable drifters descended upon Gulf Greyhound Park about a month ago for a day of drifting. It was ridiculously hot, but everyone seemed to mow through all their tires by the day’s end.

I’ll go ahead use this post to make my formal introduction as well – My name is Henry Swasey and I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m a photographer/videographer who has a thing for drifting (street drifting specifically). As you may have seen in my other videos that were previously posted on MotorMavens, I’m with a local drift crew called Team Silhouette, and we have a shared interest in dope street drifting and getting it captured on camera. I have a few big projects in the works, so stay tuned to MotorMavens for more Lone Star drifting!!

::Henry Swasey

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14 Responses


    I love the intro, man! SEXY with the long hair and shorts. (Talkin bout Ameen. The chick ain’t bad either.)

    I love the MUSIC!
    I love AE86s from Houston!
    I love fluorescent wheels with good offset!
    I love the 786 JZX81 Cressida!
    I love the cameo of our Mayday Garage fam!
    I love seeing MotorMavens stickers on windows and helmets!
    I love the smoke trails and the bumper dragging… that’s what the F is up!


    I need to get my ass to Houston so I can give you a hug or something. lol

  2. Thanks dudes!

    That place (Gulf Greyhound Park) is pretty boring in itself, so I tried to liven it up a bit. I have so many other vids planned, just don’t have enough time!

  3. I’ve actually been there a few times… first as a photographer… but the last time I was there, Ken Miyoshi from Drift Showoff/Import Showoff asked me to go there as the announcer for the event. Not a bad gig, especially considering he always booked my plane tickets so that I’d always be sitting with Mercedes Terrell. It was always funny watching old married guys checking her out on the downlow, trying not to move their heads so their wives wouldn’t find out… hahahaha

  4. AvonB

    @Henry – I keep watching this joint over and over, man! Loved it!

    @Ant – We met Mercedes at Ken’s first Showoff event in Washington DC (I wanna say Fedex Field?). Funny how jocked she gets – even for a model it was ridiculous. The combination of hotness and being a very nice girl was like pheromones to all sorts of dudes. Coincidentally, that event was where I met Ken, Moto Miwa, Drift Alliance (particularly JR), Nick Fousekis, and the whole Falken crew.

  5. mikaelhinojosa

    Antonio…YOu Crazy man… but I like you!

    Congrats Henry, this video is sick and I lmao at the bumper footage! That was stews car wasnt it.

  6. Sick vid man! looking forward to the rest of your vids! and was wondering what track is being played its dope just like the vid!!

  7. Law

    Awesome vid, Henry. I loved the “Suck it” and of course the bumper falling off with the cam still attached. This video got me hyped up!

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