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VIDEO> The Wrecked Metals Hot Rods in Idaho

We don’t always get to see as many hot rods and customs as we should on Motor Mavens, but cars like these are an important part of car culture’s history as well as its future. So to follow up with the post we did of the Farm Boys Car Club and Wrecked Metals Hot Rod and Chopper Shop during Bonneville Speedweek last year, we present this video shot by Josh Clason on their home turf of Boise, Idaho.

The vid shows off some of Matt Whitlock‘s handiwork including his 1930 Chrysler chop top coupe and some Ford roadsters. The video also includes a short interview about what Wrecked Metals and the Farm Boys are all about. Matt even gets his hot rod sideways (probably not called drifting, haha) in the dirt, which is pretty cool to see!

I can’t wait to meet up with the Farm Boys again at the Bonneville Salt Flats in August!

:: Chris Hecht

Josh Clason Films
Wrecked Metals Blog

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16 Responses

  1. DAMNNNNN!!! I love it! Great video, Josh! Thanks for sharing more on the Wrecked Metals and Farm Boys crew, Chris!

    I especially liked the overhead shots in the parking structure, and also the low, backlit dolly shots in the field. VERY nice!

    I loved the slammed white truck! Chris, can we see some more of that truck somewhere? Hook it up!

  2. Jonathan McWhorter

    I agree with Antonio, more of that white truck!! The opening shots in the field were spot on, paired with the voice-over and everything. I also liked seeing a little vintage hooning going on in the gravel (that sounds dirty lol). Great find Chris!

  3. LOL Jmac! You are my BOY. However, I think there couldn’t be anything less cool than the word ‘hooning.’ I know that a lot of other guys out there are trying to promote usage of the word, but it just makes me shake my head. Sorry bro! haha 😀

    I do wanna see the Farm Boys crew driving in the gravel and salt some more though!

    Chris, find us some more pics of the white truck! That thing looks nice and low!

  4. LOL, that “H” word is funny.

    I’ll see what I can do on that white pickup. We had some photos from Bonneville that I posted already. I’ll see what Matt and his bros can hook us up with on that white truck.

    Great vid Josh. Josh has another hot rod shop vid in the works that I’m looking forward to.

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  6. I would like to thank Josh for putting out such a quality video. He captured the feel of my shop perfectly. Hope to work with him in the future.
    I have been looking for an excuse to do a photo shoot on KCs dodge truck. If someone wants the photos, lets make it happen.

  7. Pat Daly

    This is so badass. These guys really did a great job on those trucks and the video is dope! Can’t want to see more of Josh’s work.

  8. Dan’s just tryin’ to pretend he doesn’t like some dirty hoonin’ every now and then. That being said, this video is the tits package! Right up my alley, so well done!

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