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WEBMINING> Jay Leno Drives LA Circuit w/ SLS AMG

Okay, so you’ve already seen the photos of the red Mercedes SLS AMG that I shot at the LA Auto Show. You’ve even seen the video of our favorite late night television personality (well, aside from those hot chicks on the TV commercials that are always asking us to call them) Jay Leno comparing the new SLS AMG to his own 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing on an installment of Jay Leno’s Garage. Man!

This morning, I actually took the time to browse the internet, and spent some time on another one of my favorite blogs this morning – CrankAndPiston. As I looked through their webpage, I saw this video that our friend Phil McGovern posted up, featuring Jay Leno driving the “Los Angeles City Circuit” with the SLS AMG. What’s the Los Angeles City Circuit, you might ask? Well watch this video to see. It features Mr. Leno taking us through one of his favorite routes through the Hollywood and Los Angeles. As soon as I get back home to LA after the holidays, I’ll have to try driving this route myself.


:: Antonio Alvendia

Jay Leno’s Garage
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  1. nismokid_5

    dude…the sound of the SLS is….heavenly, to say the LEAST. man, do they really need to fix the roads there, though. nice as it is, it just refutes every reason why i could never live there: those roads are at the top of the list. again, amazing vehicle though. the SLS is on my list along with the reventon, God willing!

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  3. Avon

    Last Christmas, my wife and I stayed in LA with her cousins. My wife’s cousin’s husband (Lyndon) is what her family calls a “crazy driver” – I happen to fit in that category in the family as well (though I didn’t really get the chance to prove it on that visit). Since most of my wife’s family drive like Miss Daisy is in the backseat having tea with the police commissioner, I take a certain pride in them calling me crazy. IMO, the driving experience is meant to be enjoyed. Getting to the point, he took us out on his own personal tour of LA and Mulholland Drive was the star of the show. What a ride! He gave the tour in his Audi A4 (a good, solid car that does everything well without making a fuss or a complaint). I can still hear the squeal of AWD tires thrashing the already compromised pavement as we hugged those incredible twists and turns and then dipped down into the valleys only to rise up the mountainous road and get treated to an incredibly scenic view of the San Fernando Valley as well as the mountain we were climbing. An awesome experience that every LA dweller is blessed to have the opportunity to indulge on a daily basis. Hey Lyndon, if you’re reading this, grab another power run for me, bro! If you live in LA and you’ve never driven this road – drive it.

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