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WEBMINING> We love 1980s Japanese Cars!

We at MotorMavens have a strong affinity for 1980s Japanese cars, and it’s easy to see why – techno-angular design, generous use of turbos, and an excess of electronic gizmos. All of these could be found on light, affordable RWD sports coupes. In a few short years front-drive cars would take over, but this video captures some of the best machines of the heyday: the Mitsubishi Starion, Toyota AE86 twins, R30 Nissan Skyline and Mazda FC RX-7, all captured in their natural environment.

:: Ben Hsu

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  1. Rich

    Man! Haven’t seen a Starion that clean since the street races in Sylmar!! And not to ignore the Isuzu Impulse?? What happened to those rides?!

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