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COVERAGE> NWP4Life’s Honda Meet at Eibach

Yesterday, at NWP4Life‘s annual Eibach Springs Honda Meet, thousands of enthusiasts gathered to share the love of their favorite automaker. This event gets larger every year and always draws record crowds. The Eibach parking lot may only hold 600 or so cars, but the meet pretty much extends for a mile outside of it, where the cars are almost all exclusively Hondas! This is my fourth year attending this meet, and each year I am surprised by what I see. Many people choose the Eibach meet to “debut” something new on their car. I know people who have repainted their cars and changed up their entire car just for this meet. As with previous years, the cars and modifications range from clean & simple to outrageous and just downright unnecessary. By following the best cars from this meet, it is easy to spot what will be popular and “trendy” for the next couple of years.

This DA Integra belongs to Ejay Adriano from Kosoku. It sits low on SSR mesh wheels and has an uncommon H23 engine swap.

One of the major trend setters for Hondas is none other than Phaze2 Arnel‘s EG Civic. I saw a few other cars in the show that you could say were “heavily inspired” by this car. Thanks to his air suspension setup, Arnel was able to sport his new carbon fiber lip.

One of the most popular themes was being super dropped on BBS RS wheels. This EF Civic sedan looks really mint for its age, and the BBS RS match it perfectly. We were looking for the owner of this car, but couldn’t find him. If you know the guy who owns this car, please ask him to contact us! We wanna shoot more photos of it!

Super clean in execution, from the dry carbon fiber hood to the bumpers, moldings, and window visors to the perfect drop and tire stretch on the RS mesh rims.

I love the Nardi 3-spoke woodgrain steering wheel inside this EF sedan. This actually reminds me that I need to get one for myself. Also notice the Budweiser tap as the shift knob, haha!

Here’s the rear view. Too bad it was parked underneath a tree, since the tree’s shadows made it really difficult to shoot a decent photo of this car. The license plate indicates that this car came from out of state, but I don’t recognize the plate. Do you?

Personally, I am not a fan of these older style mesh wheels on newer, rounder cars. To me, it looks out of place… but what do you think?

This RSX had great fitment with its Enkei RPF1 wheels, unlike a few cars out there that went way overboard and could not pull off a good look. I wish this owner would get the “H” badge for the trunk to match his Integra one.  It’s probably next on his list of things to buy for the car.

Something that has been really popular of late is customization and personalization of parts. Whether it be stickered up panels or tagged wheels like these highlighter green ones, it is a way to differentiate yourself from others. Whether it looks good or not on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder.

Speaking of customization, these BBR Competition wheels on this EG Civic from Stockton CA have been re-barreled to a greater diameter and width. Nowadays, re-barreling is the only option to get timeless classics like these in a good spec. Props to Chris, the owner of this EG, for driving his Civic all the way out from Stockton! It must have taken at least five or six hours to get to the Eibach meet!

These massive stepped lips dwarf the tiny wheel faces! Who would have thought??? Stockton really has stepped up its  wheel game!

While a lot of the cars there were trendy, there were many clean and simple Hondas there too. These cars aren’t outlandish and appeal to most. In my opinion, this look will never go out of style. Perfect examples are this BB4 Prelude on Work Ewing fins…

…and this DA Integra, which was also sitting clean on SSR fins!

One of the most talked about cars at the meet was this red EG Civic coupe. In my personal opinion, this is the epitome of all the unfashionable automotive trends of late and the definition of excess and overboard.

All I could do when looking at this car was just gawk in amazement. This car has it all – from the rusted, dented hood and steel wheels, to the roof rack and ridiculous camber. If the front wheels were more aggressive and cambered to match the rear, I think it would flow much, much better.

However, one thing that can’t be denied is just how low this thing is! Even with all that camber in the back (tire stickers still intact), the quarter panel still touches the rim. Constant metal to metal scraping can’t be fun to drive on…

I had recently seen this thing in photos from Spocom in Northern California, so I was surprised that it had driven all the way down here… until I saw it loaded up onto a trailer after the meet.

Tony Khamly from Phaze2‘s Acura NSX always has a big crowd around it. It’s a good thing Antonio came to the meet later in the day, or he wouldn’t have been able to get a good shot of it! He recently got sponsored by Seibon, so the front lip matches well with the hood.

This S2000 belongs to Rodrez, the editor of Honda Tuning Magazine. I have to publicly thank him for adding 6 spots for me just a few days before the event. His engine bay sports pretty much the entire range of products from Password JDM. Anyone else notice that Honda CR-Z in the background? Pretty cool that they got one into the world’s largest Honda gathering.

I love the spiked centercaps on this EF’s SSR 265 wheels.

This Dr. Pepper colored EG Civic belongs to Abraham Ceja, repping Infinit Wheels. It sports a set of very aggressive SSR EXC mesh wheels. I love seeing old school aggressive wheels on Hondas!!! People nowadays are fitting these wheels on their OEM 4×100 Honda hubs by doing the 4×114.3 conversion, redrilling the wheels, or by running adapters. Finally, we can get all those old school 4×114.3 wheels out of Antonio’s hands!

Here’s a closeup of Abraham’s colorful engine bay.

I didn’t get a good look at this S2000, but it is on some aggressive CCW Classic wheels. It reminds me of my buddy TJ’s old S2000, which incidentally was also at this meet.

Bisimoto had a booth there, so you can be sure Bisi Ezerioha also brought along his 700 horsepower single cam Civic wagon. Hey, how about running a MotorMavens sticker on the car, Bisi!

Cleanly shaved and tucked engine bays meant you could show with your hood off. Check out the super ridiculous clean engine bay and stainless steel manifold on this EG Civic, not to mention the SSR/Modex Dori Dori wheels!

With everyone going bigger and wider, I was pleasantly surprised to still see a few cars looking classic on 14s, like this red EG Civic on Sprint Hart CP wheels.

This gorgeous original right hand drive Honda CRX belongs to Anthony from Infinit Wheels. Can you believe he is tucking 15×10 +20 Panasport 3pc wheels?

I have always wanted Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels, so I’m excited that I finally got a set on my car! I wanted to take this opportunity to mention that my car is for sale, so please click on these two links to see  more photos of my S2000 from a previous MotorMavens story and click this link to see more photos of my S2K (and other deep offset Hondas) from Nisei Showoff.

Since my car was finally rocking the Leon Hardiritt Orden wheels I’ve always wanted, I also had to sport the OG “Offset is Everything” license plate frames that Cipher Garage came out with back in 2006.

My buddy Daniel Leung was also repping the AS1 (as one) crew with his red S2000. This is one of the most aggressive wheel setups ever run on a stock bodied s2000, aside from my own. His concave-all-around Volk Racing TE37s are 17×9.5 +12 rear and 17×9 +22 front, and his fresh bright red paint job is not the factory new formula red color.

Here’s what Daniel’s car looks like from the rear. White concave TEs on a red car look pretty appealing, no matter what kind of car it is! Even better that they’re on a super clean S2K!

With “down to the millimeter” fitment, people always feel the need to come up and “finger” your fenders. I have had paint chipped off of my car when people have done this… I’m just sayin.

24Karl’s Laguna Seca blue EM2 Civic was rocking freshly refinished Volk GTU wheels. The centers are 24k gold plated with mirror polished lips. It is really rare to see these cars so tastefully modified and set apart from the rest.

This year’s meet is already being called “the best Eibach ever,” just as it is every year. The turnout was simply astonishing, with so many people willing to drive out to the middle of nowhere and brave the unforgiving Corona heat. People from all over the United States came out to NWP4Life‘s Honda meet at Eibach to see what all the fuss was about, and I’m quite sure that most (if not all) left the event amazed and inspired. I know I did.

:: Alex Zhao

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  1. Great coverage Antonio and great write up Alex! I think the Orden’s have to be one of if not my favorite wheels you have run on the S. This was the second year I have flown out for the event and had an even better time this year with all the Canibeat guys. If you get a chance checkout our coverage later in this week!

  2. StanceDc5

    im the owner of the black rsx…bout the integra badge,its actually coming off as i sold the h badges…i was just lazy to take it off before eibach :p

  3. Mike Kim

    i guess that black rsx owner took your advice and jacked my rear honda badge LOL….sucks…clean cars too bad i was working…

  4. Great story, Alex! Glad to see you finally on board! =D

    Hey Canibeat Dave! Thanks alot for the message and the compliments man! I would have liked to meet you! We’ll definitely keep an eye out for your coverage… we should talk man! Where are you guys based anyway??

    @Edward: Good eye! Thanks, I’ll fix it!

    @Mike: Aw man! That sucks! I know, right?! The H badge on your black RSX got stolen, that’s hella wack. But hey, don’t you agree…? Props to StanceDC5 for his overall stance and drivable fitment on his RSX!

  5. Evan

    Whats up guys I’m the owner of the white 89 honda civic pictured above.. if you need any information let me know… I live in san diego by the way.

  6. Mike Kim

    Yea that dc5 is hella clean….the jdm taillights are sick too

    The motor mavens sticker actually looks better then the Honda badge lol

  7. Wes Ong

    absolutely agreed with that rusted hood EG. This is exactly what happens when people catch a hold of every single automotive fashion trend out there and throw it onto one car. Excessive is an understatement for sure.

  8. John Janvrin

    No love for the Accords?! Thought that wagon on BBS was set apart! Dope coverage though!

  9. @John: Damn, I don’t think I saw the Accord wagon! I got to the event kinda late, and some of the cars were already leaving! =( I had to be out in Pasadena earlier that day, shooting the Concorso Italiano… so I wasn’t able to get to Eibach as soon as I wanted to. =/

    Live and learn. We’ll be there EARLY next year.

  10. KingKong

    Lol @ urblogswhack, way to be a hater. anyway, this meet looks awesome, I’ve never been a Honda guy, but daaammmmnnnn. i have to ask for, what does NWP4Life mean?? being from the PNW, I always get excited to see the letters p,n,and w, but i see them in this order, and remember that it has something to do with hondas. what does it stand for?

  11. @KingKong: Great question man! It’s kind of an inside joke amongst the guys who started that site. NWP4Life = Northwest Pizza 4 Life. It was their favorite pizza place, where they hung out. Hmm, come to think about it, I’ve never even tried the pizza there.

  12. It’s NorthWood Pizza in Irvine… the first guys who started the site worked there.


    It’s pretty good but damn greasy.

  13. Rick Farva

    I think the Wagon looks good on the BBS… but there was alot of BBS wheels at this meet. lots of sick ass cars too

  14. Yoshi Shindo

    Welcome to the site Alex! Great Coverage on Eibach, Ive always wanted to come to this meet for few years now, maybe next year!

  15. panda poo

    best coverage of the meet on the net!!!
    speedhunters.com is lookin lazy!!!
    although i love the write up of your s2k on SH.com alex!
    keep it lofosho! dumped and dirty!

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  17. CHUPCO

    That 89 sedan has a Oklahoma plate on it. Man i’ve never seen that around it must be OKC area, I’m back in the Tulsa area myself. That sedan is looking good!

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