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VIDEO> Bisimoto 700whp Turbo Civic Wagovan


It seems a LOT of people were pretty hyped after seeing Bisi Ezerioha‘s turbocharged Honda Civic EF Wagovan in our previous post about the Norm Reeves Honda Meet. I was hyped when I first saw it too! It’s pretty crazy to have a front wheel drive car with that much horsepower… especially a car that gets driven on the street! And it has aggressive wheel fitment. =)

Here’s a pretty simple and straightforward video that was shot off the cuff and unrehearsed. It’s not really the type of video that shows off the MotorMavens ability behind a lens, but I think it still works because it’s simple and we get to see all the details of the car. I think these simple hand held/unedited video features are going to become more and more popular… it’s kind of like videoblogging vs. preplanned, high production/edited videos. The funny thing is, I first started shooting this video just so I could remember the details of the car without having to actually write down notes. However, when I got home and watched it again, I thought Bisi did such a great job explaining everything on the car (and pointing out parts from his sponsors, haha)… I just decided to post it up anyway.

Hehe, since I wasn’t originally planning to post this, I was saying a lot of ridiculous non-related things in the video! LOL don’t mind me. I didn’t have an external microphone or anything with me to amplify Bisi’s sound levels. Oh well, whatever… the only good thing about it is you can see the details of Bisi’s car! If you want to see professional photos of this Bisimoto EF Wagovan, go to the bookstore and buy an issue of Super Street Magazine.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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14 Responses

  1. Tree

    HAHAHAHAHHA! Bisi is on it!!

    Hes got to be one of the nicest and most polite guys in drag racing.

    Motormavens should just videotape a conversation between him and Joon Maeng and see what happens.

  2. haha we should make a video about the nice guys in motorsports… and make em fight. Joon can fight Calvin Wan and then the winner of that thing could fight Bisi. That would be way more exciting than having them drift against each other!

  3. Man you can just tell how passionate he is with his projects. I normally hate fwd but he makes it look good and he doesn’t have that in your face vtak honda attitude. keep up the good work bisi!

  4. Such a cool vid Antonio and Bisi. Love that wagovan. I dig that guys are restoring 80’s cars. I wonder what displacement that D16 has? He’s been killing it with the D motors fo eva. I wanna see a video of that car when its driving. It’s gotta just fry those stretched meats. ha ha so cool. I dig to see passionate guys like Bisi. Need more guys like him! More vids like this for sure!

  5. Great car to cover Antonio, couldn’t agree with the philosophy behind the “off the cuff unrehearsed shooting” any more. Spot on, good stuff! And that car is a beast!

  6. chri s14

    dude antonio your commentary was hilarious! hahahaha

    700whp on a single cam, on pump gas… so insane, Bisi is a d-series Einstein

    thanks for posting that!

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