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VIDEO> XDC Round 4 – Englishtown, NJ

Let me start this off by saying that it was a blast to return to the United States for a drift event this year. It’s been a solid year at LEAST (maybe a year and a bit even??!) since I’ve been in the Land of Freedom and Hotdogs, and I gotta say it was good to be back. This video covers the one Drift Posse member who was available to make it out to XDC Round 4 at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey; Pat Cyr in his F20 powered AE86 coupe, as well as the stylings of some of the top players in the Xtreme Drift Circuit today. This includes event winner Matt Waldin in the two-tone 350z, Steve Angerman in the Gardella Racing Solstice, and the series points leader Chelsea Denofa in the wicked green NST BMW E36.

The competition was fun and everything, but honestly the most exciting part for me was just being in a different country, and realizing really how different our cultures can be, even though we only live a few hours away from each other. The biggest and most obvious difference though, is food. Crossing the border into the States is kinda like crossing this line of sugar, chips, and fast food, and I love it. My first order of business once we hit a gas station across the border was to buy myself some Mountain Dew Code Red, along with some Milk Duds; with a 5th Avenue Bar for dessert (I can still feel my teeth hurting). It may surprise you, but none of these is available in Canada, and as a self-proclaimed sweets aficionado, you can imagine that I was in heavenly bliss for basically the rest of the ride to New Jersey.

The other thing that kinda came as a surprise to everybody in the truck on the way there – we got to see some dude getting totally cuffed and arrested on the side of the highway. Just like good candy, this is something that rarely if ever happens around here in Canada. That’s not to say that there isn’t drunk driving in Canada, or whatever else this dude did, but to see it on the side of the highway on our first trip out to the States this year was kinda interesting.

Lastly, another fairly interesting thing that we found in America was a Gun Shop. That’s right. Though it may seem like pretty standard stuff to you, all of us kinda laughed when on the way back home from New Jersey, we were driving through some small town area of New York state and passed by this gun shop (photo above).

The shop was closed unfortunately, so we were unable to go and gawk at guns like tourists; so we did the next best thing and parked the rig out front to take a picture. Nothing like a killer hachiroku (albeit in a box) in front of America’s Merchant of Death. Yup! America’s a pretty neat place indeed! With any luck next time I’ll get a chance to try out the rest of the Mountain Dews…

…and maybe shoot some more drifting.

:: Dan Cyr

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  1. i love seeing your unique canadian viewpoint on things. we may be close in geographical region, but it always cracks me up when i talk to friends from canada… the mindset is just so different, eh? haha

    oh and by the way, i don’t agree with dax AT ALL. that song was hella dope. it was one of my favorite things about the video in fact! i guess some peeps just aren’t on the musical level we’re on. haha

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  3. @Antonio – It’s definitely a real eye opener going through New York and New Jersey when you haven’t been down there in a while…it’s almost indescribable sometimes how different it is. We sat down with Matt Waldin’s team to have some breakfast and the big thing that they told us about was Scrapple. And they said it was important to note that in PA they eat Scrapple, and in NJ they eat porkroll…what the..!? All I know is that I can’t wait to go back!! Oh, and as far as music goes, I can’t front on anybody’s musical tastes…I had a period where I used to listen to digital noise (see: Merzbow) and I thought that shit was AWESOME (it gives me headaches now). So whatevs, if Dax doesn’t like it, that’s cool. I’m sure there’s plenty of other people out there who love juicy funk grooves and wailing organ solos.
    @DaveT – HELL YEAH! We’re gonna make every inch of the 905 famous!!!

  4. @Garage_86 – Thanks! Yeah I did indeed borrow the title from the BMX vid. My buddy got the DVD and brought it over to our house to watch it, and obviously I loved the whole thing. But when I heard that song come on I KNEW I had to use it for a drift vid. It just so happened that the DVD came with a “Let ‘Em Talk” sticker as well, which immediately went on the car. It seems like it would be silly to name the video anything other than Let ‘Em Talk at that point. I coulda made some sorta derivative or something, but I don’t get down like that really. I did make sure to give Cult Crew props on my vimeo page though!! I definitely can’t deny that their coolness fully inspired this video to the max!!

  5. Garage_86

    Its cool man !! props to you and your brother !! I ride BMX also and have friends in the bmx industry and they are also into drifting ..and most the stickers on my 86 are off BMX lol ..including the Let em Talk sticky ..I was gonna use Project Pats , ” Ni–ggas got me f-cked up ” in the video in our grimy bmx/drifting edit !! btw Let em Talk was off the chain ..

    Its always cool to see bmx and drifting !!

    good job man !! Keep the AE86 Movement Alive !! and be safe ,Karlo

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  7. Pat

    Nate Brasz would have got crushed in the top 8 if the diff didn’t grenade in the hachi on the lead lap…he’s slooooow!

  8. Thanks for the comments all!
    @Billy – Whaddaya mean no love? I put the guy in the vid didn’t I? I didn’t really get to meet Mr. Brasz that weekend unfortunately.

  9. these guys did ok but i dont think the s2k should have won it looks like he sgulgtred the most. s2k’s are too odd you have to be a pro to know how to manuver

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