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NEWSWORTHY> Quoc Rocks XDC Qualifying

For those who couldn’t make it to the first XDC (Xtreme Drift Circuit) event happening at Irwindale Speedway this weekend, I just thought I’d post a little update, and a little note of congratulations to Quoc Ly from Driftspeed, who was the top qualifier of the day today!!!

Here’s the official results and press release from XDC:

Place/Car#            Driver                       Score

01. 57           Quoc Ly                               89
02. 88           Alex Pfeiffer                       88
03. 24           Dave Briggs                        86
04. 23           Lance Feliciano                 80
05. 6              George Marstanovic       78
06. 29           Mike Pollard                     76
07. 13           Alex Kors                            75
08. 66           Forrest Wang                     72
09. 69           Gleb Antonov                     63
10. 5              Andrew Coomes                62
11. 17           Sammy Tiger                       62
12. 1              Chelsea Denofa                 60
13. 4              Jeff Jones                            58
14. 3              Brian Peter                         57
15. 10           Jacky Sin                              54
16. 2              Aaron Losey                        47
17. 8              Joe Dycus                            44
18. 98           Andy Hateley                       44
19. 7              James Evans                       42
20. 14           Will Parsons                      16
21. 22           Kris Hackenson                 DNQ
22. 81           Mark Manansala              DNQ

For more photos, please visit Larry Chen’s webpage and support a talented photographer! He’s selling his photos to drivers for dirt cheap! Only $30 bucks! C’mon, you can’t even buy a single tire for that price! Show some love back to the people who are standing trackside, getting covered in sweat and tire dust! Buy some photos off this guy, won’t you?

See you guys at XDC tomorrow! Please make sure to look out for people from the MotorMavens Crew and say hello!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Can’t wait for the coverage from this event…. Too bad it happened on the same day as the 12 hours of Sebring, ALMS got my attention today. 😉

  2. Edward Uche

    Quoc has a clean setup, his driving style yesterday was smooth and seemed effortless, driftspeed is doing it right again.

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