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VIDEO> Tuerck Prepares for Top32 at FD Seattle

When Ryan Davis of YAER Productions asked me to edit these clips of Ryan Tuerck piloting the Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Nitto Tire Red Bull Chevrolet Camaro during Formula Drift Seattle, I didn’t hesitate whatsoever. I love Ryan’s driving style and now that he’s in an enormous car with tons of power, I really enjoy watching him drive. That being said, the concept for this video was all Ryan Davis’ idea and I can’t take much credit for the awesomeness you’re about to witness. I just edited it.

:: Justin Shreeve

” First off, I would like to say how much I appreciate the hard work of the YAER team. The people I have surrounded myself with make it possible to create quality work and have an awesome of amount of fun while doing it.

Second, Ryan Tuerck is a bad ass. Myself, and I’m pretty sure Shreeve and Joe, have a man crush on him. I have had the pleasure of hanging out a bit more with Ryan and he really is in this sport for the right reasons. He loves the atmosphere, the cars, the people, and what seems to be all the aspects of FD.

Finally, shooting skits to put on Motormavens is the best! My goal is to create some kind of mini edit for Vegas and Irwindale this year.

Thanks Shreeve and Joe!

~ Ryan Davis ”

So, as you eagerly await awesome MotorMavens coverage from Formula Drift Las Vegas and/or pack your bags and head for the sweltering heat of the Nevada sun, take a break and watch this short video. I know you’ll enjoy it.

<3 Tandem of Die!

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