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VIDEO> iPhone 4 & Owle at Pike’s Peak: 156 Turns

Many of you know about Apple’s new iPhone 4. What you may not know is that it now shoots 720HD video! That, my friends, is epic to say the least. While doing some research on one of my favorite directors of photography (Vincent Laforet), I came across this amazing video shot entirely on a iPhone 4, with no color correction from Hoptocopter Films on YouTube. Titled 156 turns,” it features Team Ducati Spider Grip‘s Greg Tracy on a stock Ducati Multistrada during the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.

I know we normally don’t follow much motorcycle racing, but this video is definitely worth watching. 156 Turns captures the power, passion and precision involved in this race.  Rhys Millen even makes a powerful statement in the video, “Somebody once asked me if I ever caught air up here….I said, ‘no, but if I ever did, I don’t think I’d ever come down…'”

All I can say is, great racing, great film making, and DAMN, I want an iPhone 4!


:: Travis Hodges

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  1. AMAZING video. I can’t believe the whole damn thing was shot with an iPhone 4! This film (and seeing the capability of Mike Kim’s new iPhone 4) made me upgrade my 3G to an iPhone 4 last night!

    ANNNNDDDD thanks to Mike Kim, no lines, no waiting, no nothing. I just walked right in, and they had my phone waiting for me, with the bumper case too. OUTSTANDING. =D

  2. BTW, my iPhone 4 takes awesome macro closeup photos. It even has some DOF blur on the shots if you compose it well! Pretty good for low light too! I can’t believe that the screen has even better res than the screen on the Canon 5D Mark 2. Holy crap.

  3. D1RGE.EXE

    Aaaaand as soon as you get that iPhone 4 you realize its already behind 3 phones. And you overpaid. And you can’t keep a call. And the service sucks. And you’re on AT&T. Sorry.

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  5. Dude, motorcycles up Pikes Peak, that’s super sized nutty.

    “If you don’t risk something in life, you risk everything” Gary Tracy

    iPhone4 video, way cool!

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I still hate on the iPhone 4. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good, and that I won’t get one to use for a little while if I can snag one without contract for $199.

    The biggest upset is not the fact that it doesn’t support Flash but the fact that it’s not 4g. When AT&T begins rolling out 4g service, this phone is already old.

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